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Asparagus Pacific Purple - 5 Crowns

Asparagus Pacific Purple - 5 Crowns

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Asparagus Pacific Purple - 5 Crowns

Pacific Purple is the latest bred variety and is totally purple. This variety has been released worldwide and is very popular.

When soil temperatures rise in spring.

North Island August - October.
South Island from early October.
Plant deep in well-drained, free, sandy loom soil with plenty of organic compost. Cover the crowns with 5cm of loose soil to ensure a good start. Slowly cover the balance during the following Summer/Autumn. Ensure the site is free of weeds.

A high pH is preferable. Lime and superphosphate should be dug into the soil prior to planting to a depth where most root growth will occur (below 15cm).

Fern Removal:
Once the fern has completely died off and turned brown cut off at ground level.

Usually two years after planting. If crowns grow well in the first year and are 15mm or bigger in diameter these can be harvested. The harvest season on average lasts 8 weeks.