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Wallys BioPhos 1.3kg

Wallys BioPhos 1.3kg

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BioPhos 1.3kg

On preparing new beds and lawns, apply at the rate of 100g per square metre. Lightly work in where applicable. The scoop holds 60g when filled level.
Alternatively, side-dress plants at the following rates:
  • Seedlings, 1 teaspoon (8g) around the base of the plant or in the planting hole.
  • Potatoes as above. For direct sown peas, beans, carrots, etc. sprinkle down the row with seeds.
  • For roses and similar sized plants, apply 1 tablespoon (18g) around the plant or in the planting hole.
  • For larger plants, fruit trees, citrus, fruiting vines, etc. apply around the drip line or where feeding roots are, at the rate of 100g per square metre or similar in the planting hole.
  • Established plants require an annual application at the beginning of the season.
  • Vegetable plots apply in Spring. If Winter cropping, a further application in Autumn.
  • Either work into the soil or water in.