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Gro-Sure Houseplant All-In-One Pack

Gro-Sure Houseplant All-In-One Pack

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Gro-Sure Houseplant All-In-One Pack

This all-in-one houseplant pack contains:
  • 300mL Houseplant Pump 'n' Feed
  • 250mL Houseplant Mist 'n' Feed
  • Watering Indicator

Houseplant Pump 'n' Feed
Houseplant Pump 'n' Feed is the perfect food for your houseplants. This ready-to-use formula is enriched with essential nutrients and trace elements that houseplants need to thrive.
It boosts growth, encourages deep, green, glossy leave, and promotes abundant flowering.

Houseplant Mist 'n' Feed
This ready-to-use mist protects your precious houseplants from the damaging, dry environments found in most modern homes.
It is rapidly absorbed by the foliage and ensures healthy, glossy, green leaves while adding nutrients for abundant flowering and optimum plant health.

Houseplant Watering Indicator
This watering indicator takes the guesswork out of knowing when to water your plant with its colour-changing indicator.