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Wallys Mycorrcin 250mL

Wallys Mycorrcin 250mL

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Mycorrcin 250mL

Mycorrcin is a non-viable blend of fermentation extracts that naturally cleanses the soil of pathogens, and assists with the restoration of beneficial soil food web activity.

  • Improves soil structure.
  • Assists with composting of organic matter into humus.
  • Stimulates Mycorrhizal Fungi, aiding nutrient and moisture uptake.
  • Inhibits soil pathogens (diseases).
  • Improves calcium uptake.
  • Increased root development.
  • Promotes balanced growth.
  • Increases strawberry yields and quality.

  • Soil Drench: Use 5mL to 5L of water to drench 5 square metres. Apply to moist soil only. Apply every 3 months or as required.
  • Foliar Spray: Use 5mL per 1L of water. Spray till drip stage. Spray plants every 2 - 4 weeks or as required. Reduces disease problems on foliage.