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Yates Copper Oxychloride 200g

Yates Copper Oxychloride 200g

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Yates Copper Oxychloride 200g

Can be mixed with most other pesticides except lime sulphur
Broad spectrum copper spray
Use in all seasons
Controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases
Please be aware, that this product is considered a dangerous good and the amount able to be purchased may be restricted. Loading and transportation requirements apply to you when purchasing or collecting this product.

A fungicide that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals protecting the plant.

Directions for use
Pre-mix in a small volume of water to form a thin slurry before adding the remaining water. Keep well stirred. A thorough spray coverage of all foliage, buds and stems is necessary for good disease control. spray when foliage and weather conditions are dry.

Crop Disease Rate Time Of Application

Pip fruit and Stone fruit Black spot, Fire blight, European canker, Leaf curl, Shot hole (die-back), Bacterial spot, Stonefruit blast 25g/5 litres Bud burst and green tip (Sept), leaf fall (May) and winter dormancy.
Citrus Verrucosis, Brown rot, Melanose, Black spot 15g/5 litres Petal fall and at 3-4 weekly intervals until harvest.

Grapes and Berryfruit Downy mildew (dry berry), Leaf spots, Rust 25g/5 litres Budburst to harvest at 14-day intervals.

Vegetables Early and late blight, Leaf spots, Bacterial blight 25g/5 litres As a preventative at 14-day intervals.

Roses and Ornamentals Black spot, Downy mildew, Leaf spots, Fire blight 25g/5 litres Budburst and green tip (Sept), leaf fall (May) and winter dormancy.

Seed Treatment (beans, peas) Seed rots 15g/500g seed Dust seed thoroughly prior to sowing.

Avoid spraying in hot sunshine. Copper Oxychloride will stain on contact with walls, fences and other surfaces.

Compatible with most other pesticides except lime sulphur.

Withholding period: 1 day